5 March 2017

0843 5573940



Trade times
Saturday 4 March 2017 4-6 pm
Sunday 5 March 7 am.

No fireworks , legal highs, any type of drugs, alcohol or weapons.

Please fill in the form to be approved
Approval will be confirmed by email together with a request of payment
Please note your pitch will not be reserved until full payment has been made.

Traders must have their own public liability and employment insurance and must be
able for us to view before trading.

Tell 0843 5573940
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Barney Gizmos

VW and Camping Equipment

Durham County Campers

Retro Glamp Ltd.

Marvelous Magnets

Random Imports

Shoes and Accessories

Spin Agencies Ltd.

Clothing and Footwear

Pressed Plate Ltd.

Dub Junkie

Candy Rose

Pick'n'Mix American Candy


Surf and VW Clothing